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Marriage was established by God right from the beginning of creation, and is declared by God to be very good. As a consequence marriage is to be found in almost every, perhaps all, human societies. It is not just a relationship but a covenant, that is a special promise and bond, between a man and a woman. More than that, God tells us that this relationship has a deep significance because in marriage a man and a woman “become one flesh”. For all these reasons marriage is not something to be entered into lightly. If a wedding at St. James’ is right for you then we want your day to be special and memorable. But we also want to try to help you to enter into this relationship wisely so that you will be able to overcome the setbacks that will undoubtedly occur and so that your marriage will be a blessing to you and to those around you.


Please read this page to learn what each document is.

Wedding Leaflet

Details Form - enquiry

Fees - see the Fees page

Banns Application

What Happens - Modern

By asking to be married at St. James’ you are asking for a wedding conducted according to the practices of the Church of England. The wedding service reflects the teaching about marriage in the Bible but also contains some old customs.

On this site you will find a leaflet which explains who can be married at St. James, what happens at the service etc.  (It is intended to be printed on A4 paper landscape back to back along the short edge.)

To make an enquiry about a wedding you will need at some point to complete a wedding details form.  The Vicar, or someone else from the Church, will then meet with you to go through the details and then arrange a date.

The current fees are also listed, though these are subject to change. The statutory fees are set annual by the Church of England General Synod and approved by Parliament. banns

Banns of Marriage

Please note that from March 2015 the law has been changed such that everyone applying for Banns of Marriage to be read must provide evidence of nationality. Where evidence is not available a marriage can still take place in Church but only after obtaining a Superintendant Registrar's certificate. 

If you live in St. James parish but are getting married in another Church of England church then you will probably need to have your Banns of Marriage read here.  They are read on three consecutive Sundays sometime within the three months before the wedding day. There is a fee for this and you can download the Banns Application Form here.  (The word banns comes from an Old French root meaning 'proclamation'.)

If you have any other enquiries please contact us. 

Planning the service

This is explained further in the Leaflet. An outline of the modern service is also available which gives the words which the Bride and Groom are required to say.

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