Bible Studies

The first two Bible Studies for the half-term April & May 2018 have been added to the website, along with an introduction.  The studies are on 1 Corinthians chapter 15.

Members of groups are being encouraged to attend the Christian Life and Witness course run as part of the Lancashire Festival of Hope There will therefore only be three studies this half-term.

Annual Report and Accounts

The Annual Report and Accounts for 2017 were approved by the PCC on 21st March 2018. They will be available in church a few weeks before the Annual Parochial Church Meeting and have been uploaded to the website.  See the finance page.

Lent Group Material - Jesus Film

Study material added for the 2018 Lent groups looking at the Jesus Film. The first study, introduction and bible references leaflet have been added.

Term Card & Wednesdays Card

The Term Card for the forthcoming term has been added to the website, as has a car showing when the Bible studies, Communions and Lent Groups will take place on Wednesdays.

Fees Updates

The statutory fees, set by General Synod and Parliament, for weddings and funerals etc have been increased for 2018. The local fees, set by St James, have not changed.

The revised fees and  the statutory fees table can be found via the fees page.

Bible Studies

The notes for the fourth and fifth Bible Studies on prayer in Luke’s gospel have been added.

Bible Studies - Prayer in Luke’s Gospel

The first two studies in the current series have been added to the website. There will be five studies in all on prayer in Luke’s gospel.  This was introduced at the central prayer meeting and Luke’s gospel will be focus of Sunday morning sermons and study groups from Christmas to Easter.


Aside from the normal weekly change to the front page the following updates or additions have also been made:

Dates page

Photos of the interior from 2015 showing the then new chairs

St James' Institute and Bowling Green - sold to Sam Smiths Brewery in 1982 and demonlished in 2017.

Harvest Flowers 2017

History and Archives

Two sets of documents were recently deposited at the Lancashire Archives in Preston and the relevant lists on the website have been updated - see the History and Genealogy section.

In addition a new page has been added with a summary of the details of those  listed on the WWI memorial in Church. The folder at the back of church has also been updated.

List of past clergy

The list of past clergy has been updated using the 1932 edition of the Crockfords Clerical Directory. It is mainly the details of some of the former curates that have been added.

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