Sermons 2013 Winter/Spring

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For this is what the Lord has commanded us: "I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth"
Date/Service Title Preacher
6/1/2013 A light for the Gentiles David Phillips

Mark 10 - the road to Jerusalem

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
17/2/2013 Mark 10.32-34 The Son of man will be betrayed David Phillips
24/2/2013 Mark 10.35-40 Glory through suffering Phil Parker
3/3/2013 Mark 10.41-45 True greatness David Phillips
17/3/2013 Mark 10.46-52 Son of David have mercy on me! David Gerrard

Why bother with liturgy?

Date/Service Title Preacher
3/3/2013 Why bother with liturgy? David Phillips
10/3/2013 What is it? David Phillips
17/3/2013 What are we doing? What are we doing? David Phillips
24/3/2013 The Lord's Supper David Phillips


Date/Service Text Title Preacher
17/2/2013 Josh 1.1-9 Called to Lead Alan Hogarth
24/2/2013 Josh 1.10-18 "We will go…" Davud Phillips

Questions People Ask

Date/Service Title Preacher
6/1/2013 Does going to Church make me a Christian? Alex Phillips

What does a healthy Church look like?
Sermons on the St. James Vision Document.

Date/Service Title Books Preacher
To win people for Christ
20/1/2013 Born of the Spirit John 3.8 David Phillips
27/1/2013 Faith comes by heaing Rom 10.14-18 David Phillips
3/2/2013 By this all will know… John 13.35 Phil Parker
10/2/2013 Wherever they went Acts 8.4 David Phillips
These subjects were also considered by the housegroups.


This series is continued from the autumn term.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
20/1/2012 Col 3.22-4.1 In the workplace (Not recorded) Colossians (18) Alan Hogarth
27/1/2012 Col 4.2-end Fellow workers Colossians (19) Alan Hogarth

What we believe.

Continuing our series on the 39 Articles, the official doctrinal standard of the Church of England..
This series is continued from the autumn term.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
3/2/2012 Article 15 The Perfection of Christ What we believe (15) David Phillips
10/2/2012 Article 16 What happens if I sin? What we believe (16) Alan Hogarth

The Servant Songs

Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher

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