Sermons 2012 Summer

Titles of Christ in Revelation

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
22/7/2012 Morning Rev 22.13 The Alpha and the Omega David Phillips
29/7/2012 Morning Rev 1.5 Firstborn from the Dead David Phillips
5/8/2012 Morning Rev 5.6 The Lamb David Phillips
12/8/2012 Morning Rev 19.11 Faithful Witness Eric Lacey
19/8/2012 Morning Rev 17.14 King of Kings Phil Parker
26/8/2012 Morning Rev 5.5 Lion of the Tribe of Judah David Phillips
2/9/2012 Morning Rev 19.13 The Word of God David Phillips


Date/Service Text Title Preacher
22/7/2012 Evening Ecc 1.1-11 The Failure of Wisdom Alan Hogarth
29/7/2012 Evening Ecc 3 When nothing makes sense David Phillips
5/8/2012 Evening Ecc 2 Wine, women and song. (This sermon was not recorded.) Alan Hogarth
12/8/2012 Evening Ecc 5.8 - 6.2 The root of all meaninglessness Alan Hogarth
19/8/2012 Evening Ecc 7.1-14 We can't make the crooked straight! David Phillips
26/8/2012 Evening Ecc 9.1-10 Enjoy your meaningless life Phil Parker
2/9/2012 Evening Ecc 12 The End of the Matter David Phillips

Living for Christ (Romans 12 & 13)

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
13/5/2012 Morning Rom 12.1 Living Sacrifices David Phillips
20/5/2012 Morning Rom 12.2 Do not be conformed Phil Parker
27/5/2012 Morning Rom 12.3-8 Spiritual Gifts David Phillips
3/6/2012 Morning Rom 12.9-13 Cling to what is good Phil Parker
10/6/2012 Morning Rom 12.14-21 Overcoming evil David Phillips
17/6/2012 Morning Rom 13.1-6 Government under God - not recorded Alan Hogarth
24/6/2012 Morning Rom 13.6-7 Render to Caesar David Phillips
8/7/2012 Morning Rom 13.7-10 Love Your Neighbour - not recorded Phil Parker
15/7/2012 Morning Rom 13.11-14 Clothe yourself with Christ David Phillips

Always be ready to given an answer.

Date/Service Title Preacher
23/6//2012 Evening Ready to give an answer - Christian apologetics. Alan Hogarth
1/7/2012 Morning Why does God allow suffering? - not recorded David Phillips
8/7/2012 Evening What about other faiths? Alan Hogarth
15/7/2012 Evening Has science disproved the Bible? Alan Hogarth

Men, Women and Leadership

Date/Service Title Preacher
20/5/2012 Evening "He made them male and female." Alan Hogarth
27/5/2012 Evening Who should be an elder? Alan Hogarth
3/6/2012 Evening Biblical leadership David Phillips
10/6/2012 Evening The changing faith of the church David Phillips
17/6/2012 Evening Legislation to permit women bishops David Phillips


This series is continued from the spring term.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
15/4/2012 Colossians 2.6-7 Continue in Christ Colossians (11) David Phillips
22/4/2012 Colossians 2.8-10 Beware the world Colossians (12) David Phillips
29/4/2012 Colossians 2.11-15 Made alive with Christ Colossians (13) Alan Hogarth
6/5/2012 Colossians 2.16-19 Reality in Christ Colossians (13) David Phillips
13/5/2012 Colossians 2.20-23 You died with Christ Colossians (14) Justin Mote

Appoint Elders

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
29/4/2012 Morning Tit 1.4-9 The necessity of leadership David Phillips
6/5//2012 Morning Tit 1.5 Male presbyters David Phillips

Holiday Club Service.

Date/Service Text Title Preacher
22/4/2012 Morning 2 Timothy 4.7-8 I have fought the good fight. David Phillips

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