Sermons 2012 Autumn

Christmas Sermons - Isaiah

Date/Service Title Text Preacher
16/12/2012 Advent 3 Hope Proclaimed Isaiah 1.1-20 David Phillips
16/12/2012 Advent 3 The Virgin Birth Isaiah 7.14 David Phillips
The remaining sermons were not recorded.

Questions People Ask

Date/Service Title Preacher
25/11/2012 Evening Is God just to forgive sins? Alan Hogarth
2/12/2012 Evening What is a a church? Alan Hogarth
9/12/2012 Evening Can we trust the New Testament? David Phillips

Search the Scriptures - Old Testament overview

Date/Service Title Books Preacher
16/9/2012 Morning Jesus and His Bible Mtt 4.1-11 David Phillips
23/9/2012 Morning .. that you may come to Me Mtt 4.1-11 David Phillips
30/9/2012 Morning Created and Chosen Genesis David Phillips
7/10/2012 Morning Resuce and Rebellion Exodus-Deuteronomy Phil Parker
21/10/2012 Morning Conquest and Chaos Joshua-Ruth David Phillips
4/11/2012 Morning The Three Kings 1 & 2 Samuel Eric Lacey
11/11/2012 Morning Oracles against the Nations (Remembrance Sunday) Isaiah 13-27 David Phillips
18/11/2012 Morning Division and Prophecy Nehemiah 9.26-27l Phil Parker
25/11/2012 Morning Exile - the pressure to conform Daniel 1 & 3 David Phillips
2/12/2012 Morning Return and Longing Nehemiah 9.32-end Phil Parker


This series is continued from the spring term.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
14/10/2012 Colossians 3.1-7 This sermon was not recorded. Colossians (12) Simon Vibert
21/10/2012 Colossians 3.7-12 But now... Colossians (13) David Phillips
28/10/2012 Colossians 3.12-14 Godly Garmentst Colossians (14) Alan Hogarth
4/11/2012 Colossians 3.15 Let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts Colossians (15) David Phillips
11/11/2012 Colossians 3.18-21 Conduct in the Home Colossians (18) David Raby
18/11/2012 Colossians 3.16 Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly (this sermon was not recorded) Colossians (16) David Phillips
16/12//2012 Colossians 3.17 Whatever you do Colossians (17) David Phillips

What we believe.

Continuing our series on the 39 Articles, the official doctrinal standard of the Church of England..
We began this series in the Autumn term of 2011.
Date/Service Text Title Series Preacher
9/9/2012 Evening Article 9 Original Sin What we believe (10) Alan Hogarth
16/9/2012 Evening Article 10 Free Will What we believe (11) Alan Hogarth
23/9/2012 Evening Article 11 Justification by faith alone What we believe (12) David Phillips
30/9/2012 Evening Article 12 Good Works What we believe (13) David Phillips
7/10/2012 Evening Articles 13 & 14 Not so good works What we believe (14) David Phillips

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