WWI Roll of Honour

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NameDiedRankRegimentUnit/SquadronService NumberCemetery/MemorialNotes
John Thomas Ashton28 May 1917PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment10th Bn.24611Tilloy British Cemetery, Tilloy-Les-MofflainesSon Of Thomas And Anne Ashton; Husband Of Jane Ashton, Of 123, Cowling Brow, Chorley, Lancs.
Thomas Bagan23 Jul 1916PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st Bn.18282Thiepval MemorialSon Of James And Mary Ann Bagan, Of 17, Gaskell St., Chorley, Lancs.
Robert Banks15 Nov 1916PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment10th Bn.24634Frankfurt Trench British Cemetery, Beaumont-HamelSon Of Robert And Mary Banks Of Leyland Preston; Husband Of Esther Banks Of 50 Canterbury St, Chorley, Lancs.
James BennettProbably 15487 of Lancashire Fusiliers who died 7 Jul 1916 - but not certain.
Thomas Bennett07 Sep 1917BombardierRoyal Field Artillery"D" Bty. 235th Bde.24586Vlamertinghe New Military CemeteryHusband Of Mary Bennett, Of 126, Eaves Lane, Chorley, Lancs.
James Berry5011PrivateWelsh Regiment9th Bn62547Presumed dead. Attended St James' Church. His father wrote to the Army in 1922 to discover if there was any news of him.
Joseph Bilsborrow26 Oct 1917PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment"C" Coy. 2nd/4th Bn.200283Cement House CemeterySon Of Joseph And Eliza A. Bilsborrow, Of 65, Eaves Lane, Chorley, Lancs. Attended St. James' Church.
Thomas Blades4613PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st Bn.20533Delville Wood Cemetery, LonguevalSon of Mary Ann and the late William Blades. Was living at 23 23 Cowling Brow in 1911. Family was at 109 Cowling Brow when in the 1891 Census.
Joseph Bromley27 May 1918PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment9th Bn.12945Soissons MemorialSon Of John And Jane Bromley, Of 20, Buckingham St., Chorley, Lancs.
Joseph BrownIt is not certain who this man was. Soldiers who died mentions Joseph Brown of Chorley, Household Cavalry 11845. There was a Joe Brown born in Chorley in about 1898 living in Blackpool in 1911.
Bert Chappell15 Sep 1916Lance CorporalScots Guards1st Bn.8771 Thiepval Memorial Joseph Robert Chappell of Eaves Lane, son of the late Alfred and Fanny Chappell
Albert Clarkson04 Apr 1915Lance CorporalKing's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)1st Bn.5941Strand Military CemeterySon Of Henry Clarkson, Of Chorley; Husband Of Rhoda Ann Clarkson, Of 24, Weldbank Lane, Chorley, Lancs.
James Cliffe25 Sep 1917SignallerCheshire Regiment9th Bn.34501Locre Hospice CemeterySon of James Cliffe of 121 Eaves Lane who lost two sons in the war.
Norman Cliffe10 Aug 1918CorporalLancashire Fusiliers15th Bn.39702Vis-En-Artois MemorialSon of James Cliffe. Of Eaves Lane.
William Collinson29 Aug 1918 PrivateLoyal North Lancashire Regiment2nd/4th Bn.18194H.A.C. Cemetery, Ecoust-St. MeinRegiment informed by a living relative allowing further research. He gave his address as 50 Brooke Street. Married to Esther in 1910, they had three children when he enlisted. Was sent home and then back before he died.
William Connolly15 Jun 1915PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st/4th Bn.1462Le Touret MemorialHe enlised in 1913 when he must have been only 15. Of 33 Frederick Street, son of Patrick and Elizabeth Connolly.
John Cottam20 Jan 1917PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment9th Bn.23817Berks Cemetery ExtensionSon Of James And Jane Cottam, Of Croston; Husband Of Elizabeth Cottam, Of 22, St. Anne'S Rd., Chorley, Lancs.
Robert Henry Critchley17 Nov 1917PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment2nd/4th Bn.201049Etaples Military CemeterySon Of Ellen And John Gaskell (Step-Father), Of 2, Stephenson St., Chorley, Lancs.
Thomas Desoer25 Feb 1917PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment6th Bn.23116Basra Memorial
William Eccles01 May 1916PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment6th1424Basra MemorialHe died from disease in the Persian Gulf. He was married to Sarah and had 2 daughters. He first signed up in 1909 and re-joined serving more than 6 years in total.
Carswell Entwisle01 Jul 1916Lance CorporalEast Lancashire Regiment15437Thiepval MemorialSon of James and Clara Entistle of 52 Primrose Street Chorley.
Ernest Entwisle14 Oct 1916PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)26337Dernancourt Communal Cemetery ExtensionSon of James and Clara Entistle of 52 Primrose Street Chorley.
Arthur Farrar22 Dec 1918PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st Bn.A/24007Terlincthun British Cemetery, WimilleSon of Richard and Henrietta, address given as Lyons Lane.
John Fowler18 May 1917PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st/4th31681Vlamertinghe Military CemeteryIdentification from Chorley Remembered.
Herbert Gaskell26 Mar 1915DriverRoyal Field ArtilleryL3850Lytham (St. John The Divine) ChurchyardHusband Of Mrs E. Bowling Colliery St. Chorley, Lancs.
Thomas Gaskell18 Jul 1916PrivateEast Lancashire Regiment11th Bn.15438St. Pol Communal Cemetery ExtensionBrother Of Alice Gaskell, Of Oban House, Eaves Lane, Chorley, Lancs.
Joseph GentChorley Pals website give his name as John Gent. But there are other possibilities including J Gent, Kings Own (Royal Lancs) 16893 diedf 1 Jul 1916.
Nicholas Gillett28 Jun 1915PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment"D" Coy. 1st/4th Bn.210Le Touret MemorialHusband Of Lily Gillett, Of 3, Southport Terrace, Chorley, Lancs.
Gilbert Greenhalgh22 Sep 1918Lance CorporalThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st/4th Bn.200475Tyne Cot MemorialIdentification from Chorley Remembered.
Edward Hall15 Aug 1916PrivateKing's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)8th Bn.16584Thiepval MemorialHusband Of Mary Ellen Hall, Of 88, Eaves Lane, Chorley, Lancs.
Robert Hall04 Oct 1917SerjeantManchester Regiment21st Bn.19574Tyne Cot MemorialSon Of Richard And Sarah Hall, Of 8, Tootell Terrace, Clayton-Le-Woods, Chorley, Lancs.
Edward HamerNot yet identified.
Robert HampsonNot yet identified.
Thomas Harrison09 May 1915PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st Bn.2893Le Touret Memorial
Thomas Hart09 Aug 1915PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment6th Bn.11723Helles MemorialIdentification from Chorley Remembered.
Fred Heald17 Jul 1916PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment6th Bn.23115Basra MemorialIdentification from Chorley Remembered.
Hugh Heald12 Feb 1920PrivateEast Surrey Regiment28636Chorley CemeterySon Of Winifred Whittaker (Formerly Heald), Of 50, Cowling Brow, Chorley, And The Late Andrew Heald; Husband Of May Heald, Of 3, Poplar St., Chorley. Born At Chorley. Repatriated Prisoner Of War.
Thomas Sisson Heald23 Nov 1916PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment10th Bn.17343Thiepval Memorial
Thomas Henderson26 Oct 1917CorporalThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment2nd/4th Bn.200298Tyne Cot MemorialSon Of Mrs. Susannah Fowler (Formerly Henderson), Of 15, Cowling Rd., Chorley, Lancs.
Henry Heyworth30 Nov 1917PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st/5th Bn.243257Cambrai Memorial, Louveral
Fred Hitchen20 Sep 1918Lance CorporalThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st Bn.290019Brie British Cemetery
Richard Hitchen10 Apr 1918PrivateKing's (Liverpool)94501Beuvry Communal Cemetery Extension
Harold Jackman21 Mar 1918CaptainKing's Royal Rifle Corps7th Bn.Pozieres MemorialBrother Of Margaret Elizabeth Jackman, Of 28, Park Road, Chorley, Lancs.
Fred Kerfoot07 Aug 1917PrivateEast Lancashire Regiment9th Bn.34879Mikra British Cemetery, Kalamaria
John Kerfoot15 Jun 1915Lance CorporalThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st/4th Bn.1201Le Touret MemorialSon Of Richard And Margaret Kerfoot, Of 57, Pall Mall, Chorley, Lancs.
George Leach28 Apr 1918Second LieutenantManchester Regiment17th BnTyne Cot MemorialHusband Of Jane Ann Leach. Of 5 Colyton Road, Chorley.
Thomas LeverNot yet identified.
Harold Livesey29 Sep 1918PrivateRoyal Marine Light Infantry1st Bn.1301Anneux British Cemetery
Percy Livesey29 Sep 1918PrivateEast Yorkshire Regiment1st/4th Bn.42290Glageon Communal Cemetery ExtensionSon Of Job And Alice Maud Johnson, Of 42, Brook St., Chorley, Lancs.
James LongworthNot yet identified.
James Lowe21 Oct 1917PrivateEast Lancashire Regiment11th Bn.15660Duisans British Cemetery, EtrunSon Of Mrs. M. A. Dawson (Formerly Lowe), Of 20, Lord St., Chorley, Lancs.
William James Mcloughlin25 May 1918PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment"C" Coy. 2nd/4th Bn.200470St. Sever Cemetery Extension, RouenSon Of William And Elizabeth Ann Mcloughlin, Of Chorley, Lanes.
Isaac Marshall05 Apr 1916PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment6th Bn.20008Basra MemorialSon Of William Marshall; Husband Of Alice Bonnie (Formerly Marshall), Of 58, Lyon'S Lane, Chorley, Lancs.
Herbert Miller18 Jul 1917GunnerRoyal Field Artillery"D" Bty. 148th Bde.L/10984Reninghelst New Military CemeteryBrother Of Thomas Miller, Of 23, Pleasant View, Withnell Mill, Chorley, Lancs.
Albert Mitton25 Sep 1915PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st Bn.2566Loos MemorialSon Of Frederick A. And Mary E. Mitton, Of 113, Lyons Lane, Chorley, Lancs.
Alex D MonkNot yet identified.
Edward Monks01 Apr 1916PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st/4th Bn.1421Douchy-Les-Ayette British Cemetery
Henry Morris21 Mar 1918Lance CorporalMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)6th Bn.6314Sauchy-Cauchy Communal Cemetery Extension
William Morris02 Jun 1916SapperCanadian Engineers2nd Tunnelling Coy.409586Ypres (Menin Gate) MemorialSon Of Peter And Jane Morris, Of 8, Cowling Brow, Chorley, Lancs, England; Husband Of Alice Ann Henry (Formerly Morris), Of Thorold, Ontario.
Thomas H Naylor27 Jul 1916GunnerRoyal Field Artillery56th
Harry Parker27 Feb 1919PrivateEast Lancashire Regiment1st Bn.41116Chorley CemeteryHusband Of Lena Darbyshire (Formerly Parker), Of 37, Lyons Lane, Chorley.
Frederick Parkinson10 Aug 1916CorporalMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)164th Coy.22498Thiepval Memorial
James Pendlebury01 Apr 1917CorporalGordon Highlanders1st Bn.S/12810Tilloy British Cemetery, Tilloy-Les-MofflainesInformation from Chorley Pals
William Pickstock10 Aug 1917PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment9th Bn.37283Brandhoek New Military Cemetery
John Preston09 APr 1918DrummerThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment12760Loos Memorial
Edward Riley02 Apr 1917PrivateManchester Regiment22nd Bn47647Arras MemorialSon Of Mrs. Eliza Riley, Of 50, Canterbury St., Chorley, Lancs.
Ernest Riley05 May 1915PrivateKing's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)1st Bn.16813Ypres (Menin Gate) MemorialSon Of Mr. And Eliza Riley, Of 50, Canterbury St., Chorley, Lancs.
Thomas Seddon23 Aug 1918PrivateWelsh Regiment17th Bn.63710Vis-En-Artois MemorialSon Of Robert And Margaret Seddon, Of 21, Frederick St., Chorley, Lancs.
John Sibbald20 Nov 1914PrivateKing's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)1st Bn.8970Strand Military CemeterySon Of John And Mary Sibbald, Of Chorley, Lancs.
William Simm30 Oct 1917PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st/4th Bn.17261
James Smethurst14 Nov 1918Lance CorporalMilitary Police CorpsMilitary Foot Police.P/10877Kirechkoi-Hortakoi Military CemeterySon Of Elizabeth Smethurst, Of Chorley; Husband Of Florrie Smethurst, Of 33, Primrose St., Chorley, Lancs.
James Smith08 Aug 1916CorporalThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st/4th Bn.200072Delville Wood Cemetery, Longueval
Walter Smith31 Jul 1917PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st/4th Bn.201048Ypres (Menin Gate) MemorialSon Of John And Jane Smith, Of 28, Seymour St., Chorley, Lancs.
Thomas Snape02 Nov 1916PrivateMachine Gun Corps (Infantry)52nd Coy.3851Thiepval MemorialSon Of Frederick And Alice Jane Snape, Of 186, Lyons Lane, Chorley, Lancs.
William Stringfellow13 Mar 1943Stoker 1st ClassRoyal NavyH.M.S. Drake II.D/KX 117080Plymouth Naval MemorialSon Of William And Susannah Stringfellow, Of Chorley, Lancashire.
Henry SturgessNot yet identified.
Harry Sumner30 Jun 1916PrivateRoyal Army Medical CorpsNo. 3 Mesopotamia Reinforcements58836Basra MemorialSon Of Mrs. Margaret Cowell, Of 52, Bolton Rd., Adlington, Chorley, Lancs.
William Suter19 Sep 1917Lance CorporalSeaforth Highlanders4th Bn.201265Tyne Cot MemorialSon Of Elizabeth Suter, Of 30, Canterbury St., Chorley, Lancs., And The Late John Charles Suter.
Daniel Taylor26 Oct 1917PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment2nd/4th Bn.202237Tyne Cot MemorialSon Of The Late John William And Ann Taylor, Of 101, Geoffrey St., Chorley, Lancs.
Edward Tootill09 Oct 1917PrivateManchester Regiment2nd/7th Bn.16463Tyne Cot MemorialSon Of James And Isabella Tootill, Of 3, Wigan Rd., Hindley, Wigan; Husband Of Sarah Ann Tootill, Of 95, Lyons Lane, Chorley, Lancs.
William Turner08 May 1915PrivateKing's Own (Royal Lancaster Regiment)2nd Bn.17009Ypres (Menin Gate) MemorialSon Of Thomas And Mary Elizabeth Turner, Of 47, Primrose St., Chorley, Lancs.
Albert Wallwork23 Apr 1917Able SeamanRoyal Naval Volunteer ReserveR/215
Robert WestNot yet identified.
John Wilson21 Jan 1917PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st/4th Bn.201225Vlamertinghe New Military Cemetery
Robert Wilson21 Jul 1917PrivateThe Loyal North Lancashire Regiment1st/4th Bn.201225Vlamertinghe New Military CemeterySon Of Mr. And Mrs. Wilson, Of 5, Croft Rd., Chorley, Lancs.


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