Finance and Giving

We thank God for the generous giving of members of St. James and others to the work of our Church. Our primary aim as a Church is “to win people for Christ and build them up in Christ” which we do out of obedience to Christ and love for others.

Sustaining this work, including maintaining the Church buildings and a full-time ministry, costs money.  

2018 Annual Report and Accounts

In 2018 total receipts on unrestricted funds were £76,450 of which, £48,963 was from unrestricted planned voluntary donations and a further £12,142 from Gift Aid. Restricted Donations of £35,227 were also received, of which £16,433 was as a result of an appeal for building work. Planned Giving through envelopes and banker's orders increased by 2.7% although the total number of donors has dropped to 70. Planned Giving is the backbone of church income as this gives the Treasurer a large degree of certainty of being able to meet the regular monthly payments, such as insurance, council tax, utilities and Parish Share.

The contribution to the diocesan parish share decreased by 2.2% to £47,672 in the year, and has again been paid in full, mostly by regular standing order. Parish Share largely provides the stipends and housing for clergy. The sum that the churches in the diocese have to find is shared between them according to a formula that is based mainly on the head count of each church’s congregation. Net movement in unrestricted funds was a decrease of £670. As the unrestricted funds are in excess of the required level of reserves the PCC agreed to designate a further amount of £3,000 to the future needs of Quinquennial repairs. The total of all funds has reduced by £12,545. The reduction in total funds is due to spend on the building refurbishment of £47,200, this overspend has been met by interest free loans to the PCC of £26,100. These loans are to be paid back within a maximum period of 4 years. The PCC gives thanks to God for a healthy financial situation.

The Fabric and Development Fund, is for the maintenance and development of the building.

The Youth Fund is used to fund work with young people.

Many churches also benefit from people who make provision for them in their will.  We have a bequests leaflet which explains more about this. There is also a codicil example on the website.

One of the great texts in the Bible is John chapter 3 verse 16 - God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son, that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.  It is as we understand just how much God has given us in Christ that we want to respond by giving to others and to the Lord’s work.  This shouldn’t be done out of guilt but from genuine gratitude to God, for God loves a cheerful giver (2 Cor 9.7).

We realise that all this can be a sticky issue to raise and some people are embarrassed to talk about giving. Jesus commended the practice of tithing (Lk 11.42) (that is giving away at least a tenth of your income) and we are grateful that many give to St. James, and to other charities, using this principle.  Those who follow this principle discover that it a great blessing not only to those who receive but to those who give.

Previous copies of the PCC annual accounts should be available from the Charity Commission website (see the links page).

See also the Fees Page for wedding, funeral and interment of ashes fees.

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