Search the Scriptures - Old Testament overview

Introduction to the series

The series begins with two studies on Jesus and His Bible.

Study 1 - Why bother with the Old Testament?

Study 2 - To lead us to Christ.

Study 3 - Three families (the book of Genesis)

Study 4 - Rescue and Rebellion (the books of Exodus to Deuteronomy)

Study 5 - Conquest and Chaos (the books of Joshua, Judges and Ruth)

Study 6 - The Three Kings (part of Samuel, Chronicles and Kings)

Study 7 - Psalmody and Wisdom (Psalms, Proverbs, Song of Songs, Ecclesiastes)

Study 8 - A Kingdom Divided (1 & 2 Kings)

Study 9 - The Prophets (Isaiah - Malachi) 

Bible Time Line

Most of the files are designed to be printed on both sides of a sheet of A4 (short-edge binding) and folded to create an A5 sized leaflet.

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