In our Bible study groups in the Autumn we are not going to follow the morning sermons but work our way through a single book of the Bible, namely, Philippians.  We have been working our way through this letter at the evening services but at a very leisurely pace.  There will be ten studies and since it fitted rather well I have just used the titles and sections used in the ESV printing of the Bible we use in Church. 

Philippians is a wonderful letter that covers a lot of ground. The church at Philippi was a great encouragement to the Apostle Paul, and that shines out in the letter though we also see that all was not well. But Paul himself was in prison, in Rome, facing trial and with the possibility it would end with his execution. To make matters worse some of the believers were stirring up trouble for him. He was under considerable pressure as we see in other letters too. But faced with all this Paul shows us how the core truths of our faith should lead us to confidence in the promises and purposes of God, whatever the present or the immediate future may hold for us.

Study 1: Thanksgiving and Prayer (Phil 1.1-11)

Study 2: The Advance of the Gospel (Phil 1.12-18a)

Study 3: To Live is Christ (Phil 1.18b-30)

Study 4: Christ’s Example of Humility (Phil 2.1-11)

Study 5 : Lights in the World (Phil 2.12-18)

Study 6 : Timothy and Epaphroditus (Phil 2.19-30)

Study 7: Righteousness Through Faith (Phil 3.1-11)

Study 8: Straining Towards the Goal (Phil 3.12-21)

Study 9 : Stand Firm (Phil 4.1-9)

Study 10 : God’s Provision (Phil 4.10-23)

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