Meeting Jesus (Lent 2015)

From Christmas to Easter in our services and Bible study groups we are looking at the Gospel of John. John was one of the first disciples, a fisherman who became a fisher of men. Whereas the other three gospels give a broad sweep of Jesus’ ministry John concentrates on a few incidents in some details. Many of these concern particular people who met Jesus, what happened and what was said. The five sessions will look at Nicodemus, the woman of Samaria, the lame man, the man born blind and Lazarus.

Publicity flier and reply slip

John 3 - Nicodemus

John 4 - The Woman of Samaria

John 5 - The lame man 

John 9 - The man born blind

John 11 - Martha and Mary

Lent is the period from Ash Wednesday (18th February) to Easter. Many churches have special courses or meetings in Lent as a way of preparing for Easter and we have done this at St James for the last few years.

The normal Bible study groups will not meet during this time but the Wednesday afternoon group are continuing with their fortnightly meetings.

If you haven’t been to a Bible study group before then this is the ideal opportunity, there will be just five meetings and we will try to arrange them so that everyone who wants to can join in.

Groups normally begin with tea or coffee as people arrive. You won’t be put on the spot about anything, nor will you be required to read or pray aloud, though there is opportunity to do both. I will be writing questions to discuss together for each week and these will be available in advance.

This year we will be looking at five people who met with Jesus as recorded in the gospel of John. The questions are intended to find out what the Bible is saying and to think about how this relates to our faith and life.

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