By Faith (Lent Groups 2019)

Everyone likes a good story and the Old Testament record of the lives of people who lived long ago makes for a gripping read. There are many reasons why we Christians want to delve into the Old Testament to help us in our faith and understanding but one particularly comes to the fore in Hebrews chapter 11. Despite the fact that they lived long before Christ many of these people lived by faith, and are held up to us as examples from whom we can learn.

In our Lent studies we are going to look at what Hebrews 11 tells us about faith, at what the Old Testament tells about some of the people mentioned and at why they were commended for their faith (v39). We will also remember that these are not just people from the distant past but those with whom we will receive what has been promised on the day of Christ (v40).

Study 1 : Hebrews 11.1-7

Study 2 : Hebrews 11.8-19

Study 3 : Hebrews 11.20-31

Study 4 : Hebrews 11.32-40

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