Baptism of Children

The baptism of children is often referred to as christening.

Jesus taught his followers to make disciples of all nations and to baptise those who believed the message about Jesus and trusted in Him. The evidence indicates that right from the beginning discioples of Christ have baptised their children trusting that the promises of God apply to our children and longing that they should grow up to trust in Jesus for themselves. (We know that early Christians did this, whole households are mentioned as being baptised in the New Testament and there is no reason to think the baptism of children was a later invention.)

We welcome those who wish to have their children baptised at St. James. However, if you are not regular worshipping members of the church are not not resident in the parish we ask that you approach the church in whose parish you live.

In accordance with the practice of the Church of England we also require parents to go through preparation before their children are baptised.

In particular we require that if you are not already worshipping members of St. James then you attend public worship at the church at least twice a month for three months. We realise that for those who are not familiar with church this may be a bit daunting but we try to be welcoming at St. James and hope that our services are not dull or dusty. However, you should understand that we truly believe the Christian message and want our worship to be joyful, full of truth and honouring to God.

We also require parents to attend a couple of preparation meetings led by one or two members from the Church. These may be held with other parents or on your own depending upon the circumstances.

Unless a child is dangerously ill Baptism always takes place during the main service in Church at 10.30am on a Sunday morning. The service lasts just over an hour and in addition to the baptism itself includes songs of worship, reading of the Bible, teaching from the Bible and prayers led from the front. You are very welcome to hang around for refreshments after the service and chat to people.

We tend to set aside one service a month when baptisms can take place and usually this is the third Sunday, but it does depend upon what else is happening in services that month.

Our Baptism policy is available on the website.

Leaflet for Godparents especially but also of relevance to parents. (This should be 

If you wish to enquire about baptisms please contact us.

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