God's Creation Library

The Church is facing major challenges in the secular age we live and is being attacked and marginalized by an unbelieving secular society. How is the Christian going to respond to these challenges? 2 Timothy 3:12-17 reveals something about the Bible that is true of no other book on earth.

The library is based upon Genesis, the foundation book of the Bible. It contains many resources catering for very young children through to mature Christians including books, DVD’s, audio CD’s, and recently introduced 'Creation' and 'Answers' magazines. It is a great help to parents who wish to give their children a good foundation in God's word.

All too often Christians are intimidated by the claims of evolutionists under the guise of science. Therefore the library caters for a range of subjects for the Christian to be informed and strengthened in their faith so that they are equipped to meet the challenges that face us in our day just like Paul and Timothy did with the issues they faced in their day.


The library does not profess to provide a biblical answer to every question raised by a skeptical society. Its primary aim is to enable the Christian to develop a biblical worldview as a foundation in their lives, a foundation that cannot be moved by the strongest arguments of the enemy (Luke 6:47-48 ).

See also In the Beginning, a group set up by members of St. James to explore issues to do with science, creation and the Bible.

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